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Six special co-working spaces in Hamburg

4 July 2023
Airport space for business travellers, life sciences at UKE and a space for women's forward -looking ideas

Germany had over 1,200 co-working spaces in spring 2020 or four times the number in 2018, the German Co-working Spaces Association found. And these spaces may yet become an important as a third place of work, according to the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA). Most co-working spaces today are geared towards the needs of digitalisation, which demands more agility, project-oriented thinking, location independence and cost efficiency from all kinds of people. Co-working spaces attract young and old, experienced and inexperienced, and are frequented by digital nomads, freelancers, self-employed and start-ups. Office space, infrastructure, ideas and information are shared and synergies created for all kinds of projects in these social hubs. This has prompted some companies to rethink working models and offer employees an opportunity to work in these co-working spaces, at home or in the office. Hamburg News presents six co-working spaces in Hamburg.

Beehive Airport 

Target group: Travellers, frequent flyers and people from the region.
Advantages: International contact opportunities, great flexibility
Location: Hamburg Airport

Many travellers ,who have time before their flight but not enough to do anything outside the airport, appreciate a relaxed place for video conferences or meetings with colleagues in different places. The Beehive space in Hamburg Airport's Terminal 2 is ideal for working quietly and making new contacts. The various modules can be booked flexibly and are available at the self-check-in between 6 am and 10 pm. Log onto the website or  app to manage a workplace, adjust bookings or invite guests. Beehive has two other co-working spaces in downtown Hamburg and in Saint Georg, as well as in Frankfurt am Main and Düsseldorf.

Beehive co-working space in Hamburg Airport


Target group: Founders in logistics, technology and sustainability sectors
Advantages: Sharing with experts, start-up support
Location: Hamburg-Hammerbrook

The HK100 co-working space in Kravag-Logistic's headquarters in central Hamburg brings together start-ups and game changers in the logistics and mobility sector. "As the leading insurer in road freight transport, we are on hand to provide specialist expertise and real customer contacts in the transport world," said Uwe Reisberg, Strategic Business Developer Kravag-Logistic and Head of HK100.

Motto of HK100

From meeting spaces to workstations

Apply in advance to secure a space. The entire infrastructure and a six to twelve-month scheme drives digital innovations in terms of sustainability. Then the workspace is free of charge. "This is how we support young entrepreneurs and strengthen the start-up ecosystem in Hamburg," Reisberg stressed. HK100 focuses on the internet-of-things cockpits, blockchain, AI, autonomous intralogistics systems, digital assistance systems and green logistics. Idea generators, technological start-ups and IT experts are sought individually or in teams. Under the motto "Work, learn, connect", they benefit from large companies and vice versa. Events are held with partners, customers and the network. HK100 is a place for working creatively and sharing with professionals and experts. "When it comes to 'New Work', co-working spaces will continue to have exist in future and such concepts as well as workplaces, meeting spaces and inspiring places will continue to grow," said Reisberg.

Hamburger Ding

Target group: Companies in Hamburg and the metropolitan region
Advantages: Premium business, lifestyle campus
Location: St. Pauli

The Hamburger Ding on Nobistor offers a mix of offices, space for meetings and events, sports and health, streaming and a podcast studio on five differently designed floors. "The Hamburger Ding has developed into a hotspot where celebrities, influencers and entrepreneurial personalities come and go," said Astrid Schwenecke, Marketing Manager. "Photo shoots, launch parties and interviews are as much a part of everyday life here as meetings complete with views of St. Pauli's skyline. And there are cosy community areas for spontaneous get-togethers or brainstorming."

Podcast-Studio im Hamburger Ding

Doing your thing

A day pass allows users to check in for just one day and use a workspace, office or flex desk. People can also use the treadmill, go to a sports class or record podcasts. Gaming and e-sports are also offered. Teams come together flexibly, use additional workstations as needed and benefit from the infrastructure. Basically, anyone can do their thing. "At the moment, many companies are downsizing their offices, as many employees work remotely at least some of the time," Schwenecke said. "At the same time, these companies are looking for ways to offer their employees personal exchange and incentives to make them more attractive as employers. The 'Hamburger Ding' offers excellent opportunities as a campus and as a service featuring flexible workplaces, a growing community and attractive sports, events and further education offers."


Target group: Visionary women who want to get involved in society
Advantages: Meeting and collaborations on forward-looking feminist ideas 
Location: Schanze

The feminist, interdisciplinary Eeden hub offers space to focus on projects, meetings, sharing and collaborations. This space of visionary, forward-looking feminist ideas is both an incubator and a cultural venue. Women from the arts, culture, politics, music, science, business and media are addressed to jointly shape the world of tomorrow. "We believe that local communities and lived community are key to change and transformation," Jessica Louis, joint founder. "Eeden is a place for people who want a liveable, more just and happier future for everyone and who want to engage and contribute to society together."


Eeden community

Unleashing power through community

Space is available for meetings, workshops and events in different, stylish rooms in a historic backyard building in Hamburg's trendy Schanze district. "By softening the previous separation of workplace and home, co-working spaces are already a third slace," said Louis. "Such places can be more than a mere workplace. The experience of community is an essential for more, personal satisfaction and can unleash the power to change the world from small to big."


Target group: Academics, start-ups and spin-offs in life sciences
Advantages: Use of cutting-edge equipment and technologies, network of scientists, companies, universities, investors and business angels
Location: Grounds of University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)

Cellcolab offers state-of-the-art labs, equipment and clean room for one day up or for up to four years. The life science co-working lab offers single workstations or an individual, self-contained lab unit for small to large teams. A Clinical Research Organisation is available with state-of-the-art microscopes (imaging), sample and data analysis services (multi omics) and cell research services.

Cellcolab's life-science co-working lab

Co-working spaces will continue to boom 

"Our offer is aimed at scientists, start-ups and spin-offs in the life sciences sector who want to work in an innovative and agile environment," saiid Gregor Kindelmann, Managing Director of Cellcolab. "We help them turn their ideas into a product or service by connecting them with experts, funding schemes and venture capital. We accompany them along the entire path to successful innovations in the life science sector." The co-working space in the grounds of UKE is in immediate vicinity to patients and doctors and other research institutions. Apart from the  pilot project there, Cellcolab is also planning a branch in downtown Hamburg to offer companies and scientists a micro-ecosystem for R&D. Kindelmann believes: "Co-working spaces will continue to boom, especially in the laboratory sector because most activities cannot be relocated to a home office. Moreover, hardly any initial investment is needed to realise one's own ideas thanks to our concept. Demand is likely to exceed supply for some time."

Factory Hammerbrooklyn

Target group: Companies, talented professionals, freelancers, start-ups, scientists
Advantages: Large network, curated programmes and events
Location: Hamburg-Hammerbrook

Factory Hammerbrooklyn near the Oberhafen Bridge is the Hanseatic branch of the successful start-up developer Factory Berlin. Operated by the  upcycled Digital Pavilion, Hammebrooklyn offers flexible, trendy workplaces on 7,000 square metres. Urban society, companies, talents, freelancers, start-ups, scientists and researchers from various disciplines come together to achieve green cities, fewer traffic jams and a higher standard of living. Hammerbrooklyn is a place for experimentation, sharing, learning and innovation. This cutting-edge workspace is based on membership for individuals and teams who gain access to the spaces Berlin as well as all the digital tools. Members can attend exclusive events and curated schemes, use private offices, desks, larger team areas, meeting rooms and the large community table or a phone booth. Apart from its function as a company builder, think tank and innovation hub, the Factory Hammerbrooklyn sees itself as a huge network of artists, musicians, politicians, businesses, start-ups and investors. The branches in Hamburg and Berlin have over 5,000 members including 150 start-ups and companies, Factory Berlin said.


Community table in Factory Hammerbrooklyn

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