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The City of Hamburg and its public enterprises are the biggest landowners in Hamburg, offering both developed and undeveloped municipal commercial space for renting or leasing.

Entrepreneurs who are planning an investment in Hamburg and are interested in municipal office space or municipal commercial and industrial space are well advised to begin by seeking out the real estate consulting services of Hamburg Invest. The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg provides support especially to companies that fulfil specific business development criteria, such as the creation of new jobs and the implementation of urban development guidelines. If such criteria are met, a site may be awarded without a tendering procedure – i.e. exclusively.

Map of muncipal commercial sites

The following commercial properties are sold by Hamburg Invest, the one-stop agency for investment, and are commission-free. To be directly awarded, companies must comply with the business development criteria defined by the City of Hamburg.

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Municipal commercial space: discover your ideal location 

Municipal commercial space

Rahlstedter Grenzweg (Northeast)

Rahlstedter Grenzweg, 22143 Hamburg
District: Hamburg-Wandsbek
Size: 5,561 m²
Site designation: GE | GH 8-17 | GRZ 0.8

Municipal commercial space


Vorhornweg, 22547 Hamburg
District: Hamburg-Altona
Size: 55,045 m²
Site designation: Special area

Municipal commercial space


Andreas-Meyer-Strasse, 22113 Hamburg
District: Hamburg-Mitte
Size: 5,712 m²
Site designation: Industrial area (I)

Municipal commercial space

Krausestrasse/North Dehnhaide

Krausestrasse, 22305 Hamburg
District: Hamburg-Nord
Size: 8,200 m²
Site designation: GE III | GH 13 |GRZ 0.6 | GFZ 1,8

Municipal commercial space

Schlachthofstrasse (North)

Schlachthofstrasse, 21079 Hamburg
District: Hamburg-Harburg
Size: 20,453 m²
Site designation: GE | GH 17 | GRZ 0.8

Municipal commercial space

Schlachthofstrasse (South)

Schlachthofstrasse, 21079 Hamburg
District: Hamburg-Harburg
Size: 10,980 m²
Site designation: MK VI | GRZ 0.8 | GH 23

Municipal commercial space

Hafenrandstrasse/Ernst-August-Stieg (Southwest)

Ernst-August-Stieg, 21107 Hamburg
District: Hamburg-Mitte
Size:  3,000 m²
Site designation: GE II | GRZ 0.6 | GFZ1.2

Municipal commercial space

Langenhorner Chaussee 428

Langenhorner Chaussee 428, 22419 Hamburg
District: Hamburg-Nord
Size: 4,575 m²
Site designation: GE | GRZ 0.6 | GFZ 0.8  

Municipal commercial space

Zur Haidkoppel (West)

Zur Haidkoppel, 22395 Hamburg
District: Hamburg-Wandsbek
Size: 4,277 m²
Site designation: GE II o | GRZ 0.4 | GFZ 0.6 

Municipal commercial space

Berner Heerweg (South)

Berner Heerweg, 22159 Hamburg
District: Hamburg-Wandsbek
Size: 1,961 m²
Site designation: MK III | GRZ 0.8 | GFZ 2.4 

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