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How startup cofounder Lena Weirauch is conquering the AI sector

18 August 2021
Part 3 of the series “Female AI – four questions for women in AI”. Today: Lena Weirauch, cofounder of the ai-omatic startup

The artificial intelligence (AI) field offers a wide range of career opportunities. The Hamburg-based AI company Synergeticon, the ARIC Hamburg association and the educational initiative proTechnicale are certain of this – they aim to give greater visibility to women in the AI sector in particular and to promote them. For this reason, young women who have already made their mark in the sector have their say along with Hamburg News in the interview series “Female AI – four question for women in AI. In the series, they report back on their career path and experiences.

Four questions for ... Lena Weirauch, ai-omatic cofounder

Hamburg News: What do you do in the AI sector, and in what way is it significant? 

Lena Weirauch: I’m the CEO and cofounder of ai-omatic, a KI startup focusing on industrial AI. We have developed a unique method in the field of predictive maintenance that is able to prevent machinery downtime. I’m responsible here for our strategy, marketing and product development. Along with our sales team, I talk to new potential customers with the aim of fully understanding their problems and needs in the area of maintenance and with a view to constantly improving our product. Based on my expertise in the field of artificial intelligence, I am in a position to translate the needs of the customers into technical requirements, which I then discuss with our Data Science Team. In other words, I am the interface between sales and product development. In addition, I am active as ambassador for the Hamburg-based MINT orientation programme proTechnicale.

Hamburg News: How did you get into AI?

Lena: I originally studied psychology. During the statistics lectures of my Bachelor’s degree, I discovered a passion for processing and analysing large quantities of data. On taking my Bachelor’s degree, I wanted to work in the AI field in order to gain practical experience. So I began working as sales manager in the aviation sector. After just a few days working in the field of AI, I knew that this was what I wanted to do. I was attracted by the energy and passion of the people, and fascinated by the interesting issues and solutions. Today I have the opportunity of working in one of the most innovative fields , and I love every day of my job.

ai-omatic cofounder Lena Weirauch

Hamburg News: What are your plans for the future? 

Lena: My aim is for ai-omatic to become the most relevant company when it comes to Predictive Maintenance in Germany, and then even globally as well. Once we have covered the German market, we aim to take the next step into the Asian and US markets. At the end of the year I will be travelling for three months to Silicon Valley and Shanghai to meet new potential customers. Apart from my work, I conduct research during my free time into the theme of worker satisfaction in startups.

Hamburg News: Why should more women enter the AI field? 

Lena: I believe it is important to have diverse teams in every sector – when it comes to AI as well. Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool that can achieve great things, but it will also reflect the point of view of its creator. The case of Samsung is an excellent example to underline how important this is. The developers responsible for the work on Samsung Heath Tracker were largely men, and what happened was that they forgot to integrate a periods tracker, despite the fact that this is such an important part of a woman’s life and health. Incidents of this sort are leading to greater attention to more diverse teams in AI. But there is still a long way to go. Creating role models and making women in AI more visible also helps to motivate other women, young women in particular. We have to generate a new image in our minds, so that when we think of a data scientist, we do not have a male person in mind, because that is always still the case. By putting the spotlight on women in the AI sector, we can change this proactively, and I’m proud to be part of it. 

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Ela Daniliuc, Synergeticon

Franziska Wittleder, ARIC e. V.

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