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Artificial intelligence: Women gaining ground in key technology

28 July 2021
Series (2): "Female AI - four questions for women in AI" - Franziska Wittleder

Artificial Intelligence offers an exciting variety of career paths especially for women. The Hamburg-based AI company Synergeticon, the ARIC Hamburg association and the educational initiative proTechnicale have launched the "Female AI - Four Questions to Women in AI" campaign to encourage young women to seek a profession in the growing field of artificial intelligence. In co-operation with the "Female AI" series, Hamburg News portrays women who have successfully gained a foothold in AI and presents their careers and areas of responsibility.



Vier Fragen an: Franziska Wittleder, EIR bei Merantix, PM bei ARIC 

Hamburg News: Was genau machst du im Bereich KI, und wo?

Franziska: Ich bin momentan Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) bei Merantix, einem AI Venture Studio in Berlin, und werde in den nächsten Monaten mein eigenes KI-Startup gründen. Als ich vor einem Jahr aus San Francisco zurückgezogen bin, habe ich mich beschwert, dass es nicht genügend Firmen in Deutschland gibt, die fortschrittlich KI implementieren. Die wohl beste Art, sich zu beschweren, ist, etwas selber zu machen. Nebenbei unterstütze ich noch das Artificial Intelligence Center (ARIC) Hamburg bei KI-Themen, da das ARIC tolle Arbeit macht, um die Vision „Hamburg als KI-Standort zu etablieren“ voranzubringen.

Franziska Wittleder

Hamburg News: How did you enter the AI sector?

Franziska: By mistake. I started programming at my first employer, Axel Springer, out of curiosity. At the time, I was allowed to jointly found a start-up for Axel Springer and spent plenty of time working with our programmers, who encouraged and motivated me to programme. Later, I gained my first real programming experience at Soundcloud where I heard about artificial intelligence for the first time. I jumped onto the AI bandwagon through my Master's degree in America and later as part of my job in San Francisco. 

Hamburg News: What do you plan to do in future?

Franziska: I plan to build useful, impactful things with AI. I would also like to collaborate with great people and have fun in the process.

Hamburg News: Why should more women seek a career in AI?

Franziska: It’s fun! AI is an incredibly diverse, continuously evolving discipline. It certainly never gets boring and you learn new things every day. If AI is truthfully the new electricity, there's basically something for everyone - from bakers to fashion companies. Do not fall prey to the belief that work in AI involves only very specific fields and companies. Think instead about your priorities and what you would like to change. Then, AI becomes a great tool for achieve that goal.

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