Water is a human right

20 March 2024
Viva con Agua calls for #waterisahumanright campaign to mark World Water Day on March 22, 2024 - Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe also on board

Around 703 million people worldwide do not have safe access to clean drinking water. Yet, “water is a human right”, according to the Hamburg-based Viva con Agua. To alleviate this plight somewhat, the NGO is launching the #waterisahumanright campaign on March 22, 2024 to mark World Water Day. Since 2018, more and more people have joined the campaign and post photos of themselves holding "Water is a human right" signs aloft. The advocates include the Hamburg-based climate activist Luisa Neubauer, the U.S. singer-songwriter Billie Eilish and the British singer Ed Sheeran.

Making a statement with your photo

All those who wish to make a statement and stand up for the human right to water will have an opportunity to do so in Hamburg’s Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (MK&G). Viva con Agua is co-operating with the museum, which is showing the exhibition "Water Pressure: Designing for the Future" until October. The exhibition highlights solutions to global problems such as water scarcity, flooding, pollution and disrupted water cycles. Visitors with placards reading "Water is a human right" can have their photo taken by a professional photographer from 12 pm to 3 pm on March 22, 2024. The photographs can be uploaded to personal social media networks under #waterisahumanright later on.

"Water Pressure" exhibition in MK&G

Villa Viva: "House that builds wells"

Viva con Agua has campaigned across the globe for safe access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation since 2006. Founded by Benjamin Adrion, the NGO raises awareness of water, sanitation and hygiene or so-called WASH projects through sales of Viva con Agua mineral water, its Goldeimer toilet paper and Goldeimer soap and also undertakes various campaigns, social projects and collaborations. Last November, the NGO launched the Villa Viva or the ”House that Builds Wells” in Hamburg's Münzviertel as a joint venture with Heimathafen Hotels . Every overnight stay, every meal in the "Viva Cantina" and every drink in the "RoofDrop Bar" goes towards the vision of "Water for All". Around 40 per cent of the villa's profits go towards the WASH projects. Villa Viva is the brainchild of social impact investors. "Not a penny of donations went into the project," said Adrion. Instead, a 19-strong shareholder group raised the equity capital of EUR 5.5 million. Among them are the Braun brothers, founders of the world's largest model railway, Miniaturwunderland, hip-hop artist Jan Delay, the musician Bela B, former professional footballer Kevin Kuranyi, and Mitra Kassia, founder of the Oll Inklusiv association for people over 60 years.

Restaurant in Villa Viva

World Water Day 2024

This year’s “World Water Day“ is being held under the theme of “Water for Peace”. More co-operation on water could balance out water needs and lead to more stability across the globe, according to the United Nations, as the lack of water also has the potential to spark conflicts. The idea is to foster harmony between communities and countries by uniting around the fair and sustainable use of water. 

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