Start-ups reveal powers of innovation during OMR

16 May 2023
Startup City Hamburg takes 24 start-ups specialising in clean technology, education and AI to OMR

More than 70,000 people flocked to this year’s OMR festival in search of inspiration, which is being driven mostly by start-ups at present. Startup City Hamburg offered 12 start-ups each from Ukraine and Germany an opportunity to present their businesses at a joint booth during the OMR Expo. Alexander Sobolenko, CEO of Releaf Paper, pitched to an audience of 7,000 on behalf of all 12 Ukrainian start-ups and met with enthusiastic rounds of applause. The brain behind Releaf Paper has developed a technology to produce paper from the fibres of fallen leaves in a bid to replace wood cellulose in paper mills all over the world with bio-waste.

Ukraine's Releaf Paper

Sobolenko has already attended trade fairs in Düsseldorf and is heading to Paris after OMR. "But this appearance in Hamburg was very exciting. I am honoured and pleased with the attention our company is receiving here in Hamburg." Founded in 2021, Releaf Paper has already attracted the attention of several international corporations. "L'Oreal, Samsung or Chanel are among our pilot customers who are keen to lower their carbon footprint using our process. We are planning more production sites and Hamburg as a green and innovative city is something we can really imagine." Releaf Paper's growth course is also backed by the European Commission and the start-up has received EUR 2.5 million as part of the European Innovation Council Accelerator (EIC Accelerator) scheme.

Alexander Sobolenko, CEO of Releaf Paper

Global Innovative Online School in Ukraine 

Nataliya Limonova, CEO of the Global Innovative Online School (GIOS), presented the interactive learning concept of her online learning platform on OMR's 5050 stage. "We develop short, animated videos to teach mathematics and promote critical thinking," Limonova said. Founded in 2019 in Kiev, GIOS targets both parents and schools with its distance and blended learning offers, using gamification and a colourful Tiktok style. The concept is catching on. "We currently have 144,000 users in the U.S. and in several European countries. Around 135 schools are already using our offer." Her attendance at the trade fair and on stage appearance proved very valuable, Limonova said. "I gained a better understanding of the German mentality and made good contacts. That helps a lot." GIOS is continuing on its growth path and hopes to have "6 million satisfied users by 2025".

Nataliya Limonova, founder of GIOS

Hamburg-based AI-omatic solutions

Artificial intelligence topped the agenda of this year's festival and Startup City Hamburg's booth featured several dedicated start-ups including Ada Lab, which seeks to harness the potential of generative AI for companies, the AI emotion screening of Beyond Emotion and the AI-supported information analysis of Lets Data. The Hamburg-based start-up, AI-omatic solutions, focuses on industrial AI. "We have developed a software solution for predictive maintenance," said Anna Weirauch, Customer Success Manager. Her sister, Lena, is co-founder of the technology start-up, which uses a digital maintenance assistant to analyse live sensor data from machines and to point out anomalies. The presentation at OMR was an ideal opportunity for its expansion plans, said Anna Weirauch: "We want to expand internationally and already have customers in Europe. The next step is into the Asian and U.S. markets."

Anna Weirauch, Customer Success Managerin bei AI-omatic solutions

Startup City Hamburg's international booth:

ai-omatic (Germany) has developed a digital maintenance assistant that transfers an engineer's expert knowledge to an AI system with limitless processing capacity and detects unusual behavior before it becomes a problem.

AdaLab (Germany) has a tool for everyone to create visually, exciting music videos. AdaLab is a team of hardcore ML developers and engineers with a sprinkle of economics, cognitive sciences and full-stack development.

Beyond Emotion (Germany) offers privacy-compliant, emotion recognition (Emotion AI). Currently, Beyond Emotion AI is being further developed as a Sentiment Notification System for the care industry.

Cloud Supplies (Germany) automation platform MILTON combines intelligent IT monitoring and AI to automatically solve routine tasks and IT tickets.

CASES (Ukraine) is a professional social network and EdTech for creative industries.

Dooozen (Ukraine) allows you to create multi-step campaigns, set up multiple follow-up messages and InMails.

EQ-AP (Ukraine) produces a fundamental analytical product (various copyright educational programmes) for successful people.

Fintico (Germany) is Germany's first instalment purchase comparison for online stores and wants to revolutionize the instalment purchase market by creating a marketplace.

FOMA (Germany) is one of the first digital-only credit management (debt collection) platforms in Germany to provide digital credit management (debt collection) services for businesses.

GIOS (Ukraine) offers online classes with a tutor improve your child's math skills and critical thinking.

LetsData (Ukraine) embraces AI to provide governments, intergovernmental organizations, civil society, and businesses with data-empowered decisions on communication in the age of online disinformation.

The Midesk (Germany) platform helps organisations cover their key operational market intelligence activities, from data collection to insight distribution.

MISU (Ukraine) mobile application and smart device which can predict critical diseases before they appear.

Neuralfinity (Germany) is building the future of AI and underpinning the next generation of AI powered apps through Computational Magic, and AI as a Service API.

Nuvo (Germany) is an embedded AI-assisted data integration and onboarding solution that empowers you and your customers to map, validate and clean data effortlessly.

Neuroflash (Germany) is mirroring what people think in any country. Marketers get instant results about how consumers perceive a headline, claim or any other content in the context of their brand or for maximum conversion.

Novileads (Ukraine) is a consulting agency that brings together EU and U.S.-based companies and Ukrainian IT-service providers.

Releaf Paper (Ukraine) is an international producer of paper and packaging made from fallen leaves.

Revizion (Ukraine) is a system for working with feedback and NPS, building a business process for customer retention and return.

Stackstream (Germany) is a live and pair-coding platform designed to increase your knowledge and community.

Unidy (Germany) enables brands to seamlessly collect, centralize and monetize user data by connecting single service silos through one central user account and single-sign-on.

UBOS (Unified Business Operating System) (Ukraine): Anyone can create AI-powered apps in 10 minutes, from professional developers to business users, using the no-code/low-code platform.

Uspacy (Ukraine) is a single workspace for organizing the daily processes of companies: communication in a team, collaboration, tasks and CRM.

YouScan (Ukraine) is an AI-powered social media listening platform with industry-leading image recognition capabilities.


Sources and further information

Startup City Hamburg

Startup City Hamburg offers an overview of all start-ups in the city as well as funding and networking opportunities. The platform is a digital single point of contact for Hamburg's start-up ecosystem and raises its visibility both nationally and internationally. The website is the result of a joint initiative by the Ministry of Economics and Innovation, Hamburg Innovation, Hamburg Invest and Hamburg Marketing as well as the Institute for Innovation and Technology (IIT).

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