Rediscovering Hamburg - new film shows city's vibe

28 September 2023
Film targeting young internationals premieres at opening of Filmfest Hamburg

A new film highlighting Hamburg's versatility premiered at the start of Filmfest Hamburg Thursday (September 28, 2023). Viewers soon realized that the city has far more to offer on hearing the opening line: "Actually, I haven't told you everything about Hamburg yet." The brand-new film highlights cosmopolitanism and tolerance in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region that is palpable far beyond Germany's borders.

Film targeting young, international viewers

"The film reflects our region's strengths in modernity and the power of innovation," said Rolf Strittmatter, Chairman of the Board, Hamburg Marketing GmbH. "We are targeting mostly young professionals and foreign guests and bringing our region closer to them. The 'Filmfest Hamburg' is ideal for premiering this film. Our warmest thanks to Albert Wiederspiel, Festival Director," he added. Wiederspiel remarked: "The new image film of Hamburg is colorful, imaginative and full of eye-opening surprises. The premiere during this year's film festival is my personal 'good bye' to Hamburg."

New film directed by David Aufdembrinke

"We wanted to make a unique image film of Hamburg. It's a film you enjoy watching again and again because there's so much to discover. We included one or two exaggerations in the film, which is confusing at first. Eventually, the only solution is to come to Hamburg and see for yourself," said Timm Weber, Creative Director of the Markenfilm Group. The Hamburg-based advertising production company, Markenfilm Crossing, secured the production contract this summer. Directed by David Aufdembrinke, the artist and renowned commercial filmmaker is also the brain behind major commercials, music videos of many well-known musicians and groups such as Afrob & Samy Deluxe, Jan Delay or Beginner. They have scooped awards such as the Art Director's Club Silver Nail or the Hamburg Music Award. Many of his productions are set in Hamburg.

Hamburg presented as colourful, multifaceted and unique 

"The movie aimed to capture all aspects of Hamburg's vibe. A firework of mixed-media was clearly needed, as one style would not adequately reflect a city as special as Hamburg. Apart from the city's big landmarks, we wanted to show what is not visible at first glance and goings-on behind the façades," said Aufdembrinke. The video zones in on new and lesser-known places like the green bunker in Feldstraße or the particle accelerator at DESY, one of the world's leading research centres. The movie also has many twists with fast cuts, animated cartoons, digital effects, motion graphics or split screens to appeal especially to young people and guests.

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