Happie Horse latest AI tool for horse owners

16 May 2024
Animalytics "Happie Horse" app conquering new markets thanks to AI and innovation

An AI-powered app could help horse owners monitor their animals around the clock.  David Harder, the brain behind the Happie Horse app, said: "Horse owners can track and analyse their animals' data on our management app and receive proactive notifications, if there are signs of danger or possible illness." Harder is also the founder of Animalytics GmbH. His favourite horse, Chaos, was diagnosed with laminitis twice within a year. "Laminitis or lameness is a serious and often painful disease in horses that affects the hooves and, if not treated properly, can lead to permanent damage and even death." Continuous monitoring and preventative care can make the difference between successful treatment and long-term health damage, he added.

Help managing stables

An AI assistant in the stable is the way forward and an innovative development for animal owners and professionals alike. The Happie Horse app helps horse owners manage their stables and to monitor the horse’s health, nutrition and training. Users can receive individual, interactive answers and recommendations for action 24/7. Data can be shared with other riders, the vet or the farrier. More than 300 suggested exercises make training more versatile. "Our stable management platform uses advance technology to bridge the needs of animal owners with their animals’ well-being," said Harder, who is also mulling an app for dogs and cats.

David Harder, founder of Animalytics GmbH, with horse
David Harder, founder of Animalytics GmbH

EXII boosts product development and business models

Around 135,000 people have registered on the Happie Horse app so far. One of the launch partners is the Exponential Innovation Institute (EXII), which supports companies, start-ups and institutions with product development and business models by focussing on exponential innovation. The collaboration with Animalytics GmbH focussed on opening up new markets with AI as part of the AI Startup Hub. "EXII steered the strategy and worked with the team to develop a roadmap for the product and the entire organisation. The resulting Happie Horse app - and the structure of the organisation - took into account the different perspectives of the team. Prototypes were developed, pitched and continuously optimised in several loops," said Uve Samuels, Managing Director of EXII, who used the so-called back-casting method. "That involves outlining a target image of the product and the organisation in future and working out the development steps towards that image. Markets, products, preferences and values that the company will have in 2050 are developed," he added.

Presentation of the management app for horse owners with the various technical options
Management app for horse owners

Collaboration key to rapid development and scaling

Commenting on the back-casting method in 2024, Harder noted: "Working with EXII has enabled the Happie Horse team to access a network of experts and resources that are critical to our rapid development and scaling. The institute, and especially Uve Samuels, has assisted us with their knowledge of exponential technologies and advised us on strategic business decisions. The partnership has allowed us to keep our finger on the pulse of the latest technological developments and ensure that our solutions meet the needs of horse owners now and in future."


This article was written in co-operation with Uve Samuels of the Exponential Innovation Institute.

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Sources and further information

Exponential Innovation Institute

The Exponential Innovation Institute (EXPII) in Hamburg helps corporations, start-ups and institutions develop products and business models for tomorrow's global economy based on the motto of "Enabling for the Disruptive Age". EXII is among the founders of the AI Startup Hub in Hamburg. Innovative start-ups apply artificial intelligence backed by AI Hamburg, the Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg ARIC, Hamburg Innovation, MLE Machine Learning in Engineering of TU Hamburg and German Entrepreneurship GmbH and on behalf of the German government. The institute has conducted research into rules and regulations on exponential growth in Europe.

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