Hamburg to host "Futur 2 Festival" in August

4 July 2022
Sustainable, free and outdoors - festival self-sufficient in terms of energy

The City of Hamburg is gearing up to host the free and sustainable Futur 2 Festival on August 27, 2022 in the Elbpark Entenwerder after a pandemic-induced break. The festival, which is sponsored by the Ministry for the Environment, focuses on environmental and climate protection. All the electricity needed for the events will be generated on site using a large solar system, battery storage and pedal power. Visitors are invited to take part. 

Climate-friendly partying 

Commenting during the run-up to the festival, Jens Kerstan, Senator for the Environment, said: "The first two Futur 2 Festivals have shown that sustainability, climate protection and celebrating go together perfectly. The organisers and thousands of visitors have proven that big events do not always have to be at the expense of our environment." Around 5,000 people and numerous artists attended the last festival in 2020.

Reusables to improve carbon footprint

The catering concept promises to be just as innovative as the energy supply. The consistent use of reusable systems at the last Future 2 Festival kept the amount of waste to an environment-friendly 26 grams per visitor. This year, organisers are planning only sales of purely vegetarian and vegan dishes most of are regionally sourced, in season and of organic quality. The Wilhelmsburg-based Wildwuchs Brauwerk rather than a sponsor will brew organic beer in Entenwerder for the festival. 

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