Generation X - capable, loyal, but easily frustrated, survey finds

19 October 2023
Onlyfy by Xing survey reveals how GenX rates working world and employers

More than 3,000 employees subject to social insurance payments in Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland were surveyed by Forsa on behalf Onlyfy by Xing in January 2023 on how they rate their working environment and their employer, a press release said Wedesday (October 4, 2023).

Financially secure, but not at any price

Around 16.5 million people in GenX or those born between 1965 and 1980 comprise the strongest group on the labor market, the German Federal Statistical Office said. This group is willing to work and loyal, but easily frustrated, according to the job portal Xing. Nearly 70 per cent of those surveyed term themselves "motivated" and show more commitment than younger employees. Around 69 per cent of respondents have no plans to change employers. Every second interviewee or 55 per cent intends to stay until retirement. However, only 61 per cent said a job is an enrichment compared to 72 per cent of GenZ (those born between 1997 and 2012), 63 per cent of GenY (those born between 1981 and 1995) and 69 per cent of baby boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964). "Generation X sets clear priorities, while they are capable and want to be financially secure, they do not want it at any price. Their motto is 'we work to live' not vice versa," said Julian Stahl, labor market expert at New Work SE, the parent company of Onlyfy by Xing.

Everyday life more frustrating in wake of pandemic

Respondents, who plan to change jobs want a higher salary (44 per cent), suffer from too much stress (33 per cent) or lack opportunities for promotion (25 per cent). But dissatisfaction with their immediate supervisor or   manager (33 per cent) and the corporate strategy (32 per cent) are also key when looking for another employer. However, cohesion among employees (73 per cent), good leadership (69 per cent) and a good corporate culture (64 per cent) were also high on their wishlist. The pandemic has led to more everyday frustration at work. More than half of those surveyed complained about the resulting staff shortages, the deterioration of internal work processes (36 per cent) and team bonding (35 per cent).

Mental health important for Generation X 

Given the double burden of childcare and caring for other family members, GenX values mental health. Around 39 per cent appreciated an employer's prioritisation of mental well-being among employees. Around 29 per cent of the 43-58 year olds surveyed welcomed the possibility of taking more time off as well as a fully-paid, four-day week (75 per cent) and flexible working hours (72 per cent).


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