Billbrook/Rothenburgsort industrial area

Hamburg’s largest location for industry

Billbrook/Rothenburgsort is Northern Germany’s largest contiguous industrial area beyond the port of Hamburg. Here, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as world market leaders have been driving industry for more than 100 years. Some 1,000 companies with a total workforce of over 26,000 are based at this industry location.

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Key figures

Total size of the location: 770 ha

Companies located here: 1,115

Gainfully employed individuals: 24,431

Total revenue of all companies: € 8,570,636,000

Locational benefits of Billbrook/Rothenburgsort

Industry location with trimodal connectivity

The trimodal nature of this industry location provides navigable canals in the southern part as well as excellent connectivity not only to the Deutsche Bahn rail network but also to the A1 and A7 federal motorways. The existing infrastructure offers a prime business environment especially for companies involved in bulk goods. Germany’s largest and most modern transhipment station for combined freight transport, DUSS Terminal Billwerder, serves as an important interface between road and rail. To secure this trimodal system in the long term, the Hamburg Senate is currently investing €4 million in immediate measures in the field of canals, and water depth maintenance in particular. 

Hydrogen location of the future

The Hamburg Hydrogen Industry Network (HH-WIN) aims to systematically strengthen the role of green hydrogen as a future energy carrier for Hamburg’s industry and has laid out the potential, goals and measures along this path. As part of their Green Fuels Strategy, energy supplier Uniper, energy technology group Siemens Energy, aircraft manufacturer Airbus and chemical and energy company Sasol EcoFT are working towards implementing a commercial project to produce sustainable fuels for aviation. This also includes the development of a large-scale electrolysis plant that is to produce green hydrogen from climate-neutral electricity generated by offshore wind farms.

Climate-friendly neighbourhood

One of the milestones in modernising e.g. the road network at the Billbrook/Rothenburgsort industrial location has been the Liebigstrasse project, where an entire street was optimised in terms of climate-friendliness. In addition to redoing the surface, the project comprised new bicycle lanes, a bike sharing facility, several e-charging stations as well as a small public space that invites staff of the neighbouring companies as well as external lorry drivers to take a rest. New tree plantings and green spaces at the location further contribute to reducing greenhouse gases. The realisation of the project was monitored by scientists from the Hamburg University of Technology and its positive effects were documented in a final report. This has been a pioneering step for further projects to come.

Soil remediation at the turning basin

From the late 1990s onwards, the turning basin of the Moorfleeter Canal was backfilled with contaminated sediments from the canal itself, and, later on, with excavated soil from a number of construction sites. In an effort to revitalise the area, the soil was restored in 2022/23. To complement these efforts, the Hamburg Ministry for Economic Affairs and Innovation evaluated the option of turning parts of the redeveloped premises into a lorry forecourt to respond to the high demand for parking spaces in the area. The aim is to reduce disruptions to traffic and neighbouring residential areas caused by parked vehicles.

Billbrookkreis e.V. business network

With its regular meetings and its active board, the Billbrookkreis e.V. business network has been providing a platform for local exchange for over 25 years. Representing the interests of local businesses vis-à-vis Hamburg’s political and administrative decision-makers, Billbrookkreis e.V. supplies information on topical issues, new members as well as available commercial space via its website and its business newspaper, “Der Billbrooker”. In 2022, the network was expanded to also include the neighbouring industrial area of Allermöhe.

Community management and climate protection

Since 2015, an interdisciplinary community management team at the location has been ensuring smooth communication with relevant authorities. As well as hosting participation formats alongside networking and information events, the team serves as the first port of call for queries by local companies. The team comprises staff from the Hamburg-Mitte district and Hamburg Invest and the services rendered include e.g. initial consultations and support in navigating administrative requirements, identifying suitable space and realising expansion projects. In addition, the team aims to foster networking between companies, chambers, associations, initiatives, science organisations, private developers and administrative service providers.

Impressions from Billbrook/Rothenburgsort

Thematic maps of Billbrook/Rothenburgsort

Infographic on traffic links in the Billbrook/Rothenburgsort industrial area


Situated just ten minutes by car from Hamburg’s central railway station, the Billbrook/Rothenburgsort industrial location provides excellent transport links. It is especially attractive to industrial companies and industry-related businesses.

Infographic on standard land values in the Billbrook/Rothenburgsort industrial area

Standard land values

The standard land value signifies the average value for a certain zone in a given municipal area. In the Billbrook/Rothenburgsort commercial area, the standard land value is between € 300 and € 380 per square metre.

Infographic on hazardous operations in the Billbrook/Rothenburgsort industrial area

Hazardous operations at the location

Among the many companies in Hamburg are some that handle large quantities of hazardous substances. This means that, in the event of an incident, safety risks to the neighbourhood cannot be ruled out entirely. Billbrook/Rothenburgsort is home to more than 10 companies of this type.

Billbrook/Rothenburgsort: selected company profiles

J.J. Darboven

Over the past 150 years, J.J. Darboven Holding AG & Co. KG has grown from an owner-managed family business into a thriving international player in the hot beverage market. 16 subsidiaries with around 900 employees across 10 European countries form the backbone of the group's high-end coffee, tea and cocoa products. The range includes popular brands such as Idee Kaffee, Alfredo Espresso, Eilles Kaffee & Eilles Tee and Mövenpick Kaffee.


Coherent Inc., a global supplier of lasers and laser-based technology for science, commerce and industry, was founded in 1966 in California. At its Hamburg site, Coherent produces CO2 slab lasers with high reliability, high power consistency and minimal gas consumption thanks to diffusion cooling. In addition, Coherent manufactures powerful fibre lasers for demanding welding applications with challenging materials such as copper, high-strength steel, aluminium and even foils.


Headquartered in Hamburg-Billbrook, STILL GmbH is a leading supplier of forklift trucks, trolleys and tow tractors as well as state-of-the-art intralogistics systems. With a workforce of 8,900 employees, six production facilities, 14 branches in Germany, 21 subsidiaries abroad, and a dealer network comprising 240 service points worldwide, STILL is a successful international player. In 2020, the company celebrated its 100th anniversary.


Note on area sizes: The industrial and commercial area referred to in the key figures indicates the gross area according to the maps displayed. These include different proportions of water areas, transport areas and green areas. Therefore, it is not possible to make a direct comparison between the individual locations presented on these pages, e.g. in terms of workforce per hectare.

Note on employment figures: Information on the local workforce is mostly provided by the German Federal Employment Agency. In some cases, figures are not broken down by individual company branches and locations, i.e. aggregate employment figures are provided instead. In such cases, the statistical business register does not include more detailed figures. Moreover, please note potential limitations of data collection e.g. in terms of minimum thresholds. As a result, the figures provided should be regarded as approximate figures that are intended to provide general guidance only.

Note on revenue figures: These figures are based on the tax returns of the companies as of 31 December 2022. In some cases, figures are not reported for each individual branch, but only for the relevant group of companies. These values are subsequently broken down on a case-by-case basis. Moreover, tax reports may be updated following a longer period of time. Therefore, the figures provided are intended to provide general guidance only.

Note on standard land values: The map provides information on standard land values for use in production/logistics. The relevant values were converted (i.e. standardised) to a plot size of 1,000 square metres or a value-related floor-area ratio of 1.0, respectively. Both the lowest and the highest standard land value in the building block are provided. The map aims to serve as a reference and is not suited for determining the actual value. At BORIS.HH you can view an interactive standard land value map of Hamburg. The website offers detailed information on standard land values in Hamburg and lets you convert the standard land value to account for individual property characteristics. All values displayed refer to the reference date of 1 January 2024.

Note on hazardous operations: Locations of establishments pursuant to §3 para. 5a of the German Federal Immission Control Act (BimSchG) in the jurisdiction of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Further metadata / publication / created on 30 September 2014.

Sources: Standard land values: Geoportal Hamburg / hazardous operations: Geoportal Hamburg / key figures: business register of the Northern Germany Statistical Office / definition of “undertaking”.

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