Am Neumarkt industrial and business area

Tradition meets modernity

Situated in the district of Wandsbek, the Am Neumarkt industrial and business area offers excellent connectivity and a favourable location that combines tradition and modernity. As a well-established location for the food industry and the commercial economy, Wandsbek has strong historical ties to large companies such as Nestlé and Cargill. As a business location, the area is shaped by strong momentum, which is characterised by modern, new building developments as well as companies from sunrise industries, such as Coloplast, setting up business here. Featuring a broad range of industrial estates, different trades and service providers with specialist skills are contributing to the local economy. The convenient location and proximity to the district centre make Am Neumarkt a sought-after business location.

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Key figures

Total size of the location: 33 ha

Companies located here: 196

Gainfully employed individuals: 4,974

Total revenue of all companies: € 976,879,000*
*excluding Nestlé, Cargill, Tele Media

Locational benefits of the Am Neumarkt area

Long-established centre of the chocolate industry

Featuring a central location in Hamburg, Wandsbek is known for its history in the industrial production of chocolate, and two important sites are just 400 metres apart from each other: between1898 and 1928, the current industrial estate at Neumann-Reichardt-Strasse 29–33 was home to the Kakao-Compagnie Theodor Reichardt, which, under the management of Friedrich Neumann, grew into Germany’s largest chocolate factory. In 1928 the factory was sold and production was subsequently discontinued. The other site, the location of the former Actien-Bier-Brauerei Marienthal, has been producing chocolate confectionery since 1949 and has been part of the Cargill Group since 2004. Despite economic changes and technological advances, Wandsbek continues to be a noticeable player in the German chocolate market, with Cargill as well as Nestlé being based here.

New building developments and new enterprises

The eastern part of the Am Neumarkt location is shaped by the influx of new commercial enterprises, and this process goes hand in hand with the development of high-quality, modern new buildings. As part of the Am Neumarkt development project, Norddeutsche Grundvermögen, a Hamburg-based real estate company, has concluded a 15-year lease agreement with Coloplast GmbH. The agreement pertains to 4,750 m² of office space and 140 car parking spaces at a building complex completed in 2020. As part of the project, HHVA, Hamburg’s public traffic company, was also provided with approx. 7,700 m² of floor space. In 2022, an additional office building was created, including service areas of some 8,000 m². In total, the project created space for around 500 workplaces across some 14,600 m² of commercial space as well as 300 car parking spaces to ensure optimum conditions for modern companies. The planned connection to the S4 suburban railway line further adds to the site’s attractiveness.

Christiansen business park in Wandsbek

Established location for skilled trades

The industrial yards in Wandsbek are a valuable resource and home to various skilled trades and service providers. At the Christiansen industrial yard, you can find e.g. deli manufacturers, upholsterers, photographers and removal companies, some of these with highly specialised services, and a number of online shops are also located here. Artisan businesses such as bookbinderies and upholsterers strengthen the local community of skilled tradesmen and contribute to the diversity of available services. The Skandinavien-Center estate is home to companies from the construction and real estate sectors, import and export companies, computer game developers as well as a large number of food retailers, while the Am Neumarkt 29 commercial centre is mostly known for its car-related businesses. Among others, garages and insurance brokers can be found here, including a certified workshop for periodic technical inspections of vehicles (TÜV inspection).

Within walking distance of the district centre

The Am Neumarkt location is but a short walk away from Wandsbek’s commercial centre around Wandsbeker Markt. The surrounding area offers a good choice of retail and shopping facilities. Alongside eateries and healthcare services, you can also find a number of cultural venues and hotels. These as well as attractive residential areas and parks in the Eilbektal valley are less than 2 kilometres away from the location.

Excellent transport links

The Am Neumarkt industrial and business area can be easily reached via Wandsbeker Zollstrasse and Hammer Strasse, allowing traffic to flow easily via the Horner Kreisel roundabout. The B24 federal motorway is directly accessible from here. The Wandsbeker Marktplatz traffic hub provides access to the U1 underground line, and the new S4 S-Bahn, which is currently being developed, will add further travel options, e.g. through the planned stop at Bovestrasse. The new line will comprise a central platform with a length of 210 metres and a height of 96 centimetres, enabling passengers to board and alight the S-Bahn in a barrier-free manner. The station will be accessible from Bovestrasse via two staircases and one lift, and a new bus stop will be added right next to the platform entrance.

Impressions from Am Neumarkt

Thematic maps of Am Neumarkt

Infographic on traffic links in the Am Neumarkt  industrial area


The proximity to the A24 motorway and good accessibility via various main roads allows for smooth arrival and departure for staff, customers and suppliers. In addition, the connection to the local public transport network, especially through nearby underground and bus stations, ensures a convenient journey for commuters.

Infographic on standard land values in the Am Neumarkt industrial area

Standard land values

The standard land value signifies the average value for a certain zone in a given municipal area. At the Am Neumarkt site, the standard land value is approx. € 400 per square metre.

Am Neumarkt: selected company profiles


Based in Wandsbek, Ohly GmbH is part of the global food group Associated British Foods and a European leader in the production of yeast extracts. Ohly’s roots go back to 1836, when the company was founded as the Heinrich Helbing steam grain distillery. Meanwhile, the company has undergone considerable changes in terms of development and modernisation. A recent milestone in the corporate history is the planned construction of a spray drying tower at the Hamburg site, which will be used for drying the yeast derivatives produced in Hamburg. This measure is in alignment with the company’s goal of responding to the ongoing demand for high-end dried products.


With a corporate history spanning 150 years and outlets in 188 countries, Nestlé comprises around 2,000 brands. Based in Frankfurt am Main, Nestlé Deutschland AG is the largest food company in Germany, with around 13,000 employees at over 20 locations. The Hamburg plant, which was originally established in 1932 by the Herbert Stockmann Company, has been part of Nestlé since 1988. Employing more than 800 people from 40 countries, Nestlé is one of the largest employers in Wandsbek. Sweets such as KitKat, Smarties, Choco Crossies and After Eight are produced here. In 2021, Nestlé introduced paper packaging for all of its Smarties products, a step that required restructuring and expanding the production process.


Founded in 1957 and based in Denmark, Coloplast A/S has more than 11,000 employees as well as subsidiaries in over 40 countries. The company, which aims to make life easier for people with physical disabilities, recently generated an annual turnover of over €1 billion. Coloplast products are available in over 100 countries around the globe. Hamburg is home to Coloplast’s German subsidiary, which was established in 1983. With A workforce of 550, the branch is an important part of the company. The modern building that houses Coloplast GmbH extends over four floors and comprises a gross floor area of approx. 6,500 m2. In addition, staff and visitors can make use of 140 parking spaces available in the multi-storey car park.


Hamburg Verkehrsanlagen GmbH (HHVA), a wholly owned subsidiary of HGV Hamburg, is a public company with over 250 employees and offers comprehensive services in the areas of traffic engineering, lighting technology, tunnel technology, charging stations and consulting. The company takes pride in implementing key projects internally. Thus, new technologies are evaluated in the corporate test lab, and components are aligned to ensure both stability and cost efficiency. HHVA’s mission is to ensure road safety through lighting and prevent unnecessary traffic jam. The company can be reached around the clock to ensure smooth operations of their traffic-related systems.

Tele Media

Tele Media GmbH was founded in 1996 and is based near the town of Rostock. The company maintains a branch at Am Neumarkt 46 in Wandsbek. As a full-service telecom construction provider, Tele Media specialises in the maintenance and expansion of existing telecom networks as well as the construction of new ones. The range of activities includes underground cable and line construction, cable pulling, cable installation, interference suppression and engineering services. The company operates in Northern Germany, with a focus on Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Hamburg. Their largest clients are Deutsche Telekom, Wemacom, Vodafone and GlobalConnect. Tele Media has a staff of over 180 people.


Cargill GmbH is a global manufacturer and supplier of products and services in the food, agricultural, finance and technical industries. The company employs 155,000 people across 70 countries. The Hamburg plant was founded in August 1994 and has been part of Cargill since 2004. Since then, Cargill has undergone several investment and modernisation measures. The Hamburg site produces consumable cocoa mass, which is created using roasted, ground cocoa beans. Cocoa mass production comprises the following steps: cleaning, crushing, separating the cocoa nibs from the shell, roasting, debacterising, and fine grinding. From Hamburg, it is supplied to customers throughout Europe. The plant currently employs 20 professionals.


Note on area sizes: The industrial and commercial area referred to in the key figures indicates the gross area according to the maps displayed. These include different proportions of water areas, transport areas and green areas. Therefore, it is not possible to make a direct comparison between the individual locations presented on these pages, e.g. in terms of workforce per hectare.

Note on employment figures: Information on the local workforce is mostly provided by the German Federal Employment Agency. In some cases, figures are not broken down by individual company branches and locations, i.e. aggregate employment figures are provided instead. In such cases, the statistical business register does not include more detailed figures. Moreover, please note potential limitations of data collection e.g. in terms of minimum thresholds. As a result, the figures provided should be regarded as approximate figures that are intended to provide general guidance only.

Note on revenue figures: These figures are based on the tax returns of the companies as of 31 December 2022. In some cases, figures are not reported for each individual branch, but only for the relevant group of companies. These values are subsequently broken down on a case-by-case basis. Moreover, tax reports may be updated following a longer period of time. Therefore, the figures provided are intended to provide general guidance only.

Note on standard land values: The map provides information on standard land values for use in production/logistics. The relevant values were converted (i.e. standardised) to a plot size of 1,000 square metres or a value-related floor-area ratio of 1.0, respectively. Both the lowest and the highest standard land value in the building block are provided. The map aims to serve as a reference and is not suited for determining the actual value. At BORIS.HH you can view an interactive standard land value map of Hamburg. The website offers detailed information on standard land values in Hamburg and lets you convert the standard land value to account for individual property characteristics. All values displayed refer to the reference date of 1 January 2024.

Note on hazardous operations: Locations of establishments pursuant to §3 para. 5a of the German Federal Immission Control Act (BimSchG) in the jurisdiction of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Further metadata / publication / created on 30 September 2014.

Sources: Standard land values: Geoportal Hamburg / hazardous operations: Geoportal Hamburg / key figures: business register of the Northern Germany Statistical Office / definition of “undertaking”.

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